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I am sincerely grateful to serve the Lord Jesus Christ as a church-pioneer, pastor, missionary, and musician.  Having been rescued by GOD out of atheism, I answered the call to serve Him in 1971.  I entered the ministry as a church-planter in 1975, where I joyously continue to serve as a sr. pastor and missionary.

I set up this site as a hub for connecting the various websites related to my ministry and work.  It’s my sincere hope that my site will be a resource of encouragement and help to you.  Please feel free to share your thoughts, questions, and insights.   — Nick

Our Message…

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Jesus Christ IS the message of Faith Christian Church. Some churches operate around a specific emphasis: social reform, intellectual pursuit, spiritual development, personal improvement, community action, etc. But we have not been able to find a better focus than the Gospel of Jesus.

  • There is no better advice than His Word
  • No more fulfilling purpose than His mission
  • No more rewarding pursuit than His will
  • No greater understanding of self than in the face of His love
  • No stronger love to be found than His for you.
  • His truth liberates hopeless captives
  • His wisdom dwarfs the foolishness of intellectuals
  • His purposes lift people to noble heights
  • His Presence dissolves bonds and afflictions
  • His commands raise followers beyond their capabilities
  • He loves you in spite of…
  • He rebukes you so that…
  • He forgives you even when…
  • He helps you just because…
  • He calls you even though…

If the wisest philosophers and greatest authors of all time collaborated to create a story of the perfect man, they couldn’t create the Jesus of the Bible. His character is far beyond the flawed attempts of human imagination. No writers could have penned so perfect a person; so complete a wisdom; so perfect a message.
Our message is Jesus. We give you He Who calmed the storm, raised the dead, forgave the harlot, healed the blind and gave a opportunity of faith to anyone who wished for Him. We give you Jesus.